What Taking on a Brokerage Firm Looks Like

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Brokerage firms are huge entities with vast amounts of capital. If you imagine one, you probably have an image in your head of people in expensive suits at the top of skyscrapers in the most expensive and powerful cities in the world. In many cases, you wouldn’t be too far wrong with that image.

That kind of power and money can make it seem impossible to do anything if your brokerage firm takes advantage of you and misuses your money for bad investments. You are, after all, just a small time investor. Most likely, you don’t work anywhere near the top floor of a skyscraper in the center of New York, San Francisco, or some other major city. You may not even fully understand how your investments work. All you know is that your money was improperly invested and now you’re out a great deal of your money when you shouldn’t be.

There is a way to take on these massive entities, though, and there’s a recent, on-going case that illustrates how it works.

Essentially, in order to file claims against brokerage firms, attorneys need to be able to prove that the broker involved in the bad investments exposed their client to risks that the client never agreed to.

This current case involves a business called LJM Capital Preservation and Capital Growth. While the company paid lip service to modest investments that would provide capital appreciation and preservation no matter the market, the actual strategies of the business including very risky investments without having a significant preserve of capital in the case of a down market.

When things went badly, the business tanked, losing 80% of its value in a few days and costing investors hundreds of millions of dollars.

Many of those investors were small-time individuals and families that only discovered their money was at risk when they saw their losses. What this means is that their brokers were not explaining to them the risks of such an investment. They invested the money in a risky business and left their clients on the hook for the losses.

In essence, then, these investors felt like you might in such a situation: a small fish trying to take issue with the way a big shark treated them. But these small-time investors may have the means to take a bite out of the big shark all the same.

A good lawyer can take the circumstances of a case like LJM and prove that the broker is at fault for the losses because they didn’t explain the risks in the investment to their clients. And if the broker is at fault, the law says that the brokerage firm is also at fault.

Hopefully, you’re never in a position where you need to take your huge brokerage firm to court. You may get lucky and your broker may manage your portfolio well and avoid any foolish investments. If they do make mistakes with your money, though, it’s important to know that there are ways you can hold even these huge businesses accountable.

New Beer Inventions

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There are a number of great inventions coming out in the world every day, and many are chasing lives constantly. The inventions that get the most press—new phones, new tablets, new green energy solutions—are all wonderful, important, and worthy of celebrating, but some of the best inventions are coming out of the culture around the world’s first and still most important invention: beer.

The world of beer drinking is a fruitful area for an invention. Not only are there increasingly more microbreweries, where brewers experiment with different brewing methods and flavors, there are actual inventions being put to use which can change the very experience of drinking.

Here are 3 new inventions that could change how you drink beer for the rest of your life.

  1. iPhone Bottle Opener

There are a number of versions of this, but they all add up to one thing: a bottle opener you can carry with you everywhere. Gone are the days where a bottle opener has to be part of a key chain. Those things always stuck into your leg or made your keys difficult to get out of your pocket. Some of them even put holes in your pocket. The new line of iPhone bottle openers are unobtrusive and still very effective. They’re with you as long as you have your phone, which means they are always with you.

  1. Beer-powered water heater

A peasant in China used beer bottles to create a solar-powered water heater. This one may be a long way from the market (it’ll take a while to take a peasant’s invention and mass produce it an ocean away), but it’s a great sign of how drinking a beer doesn’t have to end with waste. There are a lot of great inventions and creations that come from beer after the beer’s already been drunk. Consider some of the great bottle art out there from the artists who enjoy a drink in the evening and creating in the morning.

  1. The Growler Chiller

This one, of the three on this list, is the one that is really going to change your life. Consider these three words and prepare to be amazed: beer growler tap.

If you had one of those, you could purchase your growler and never have to spend your evenings in the bar again. This invention manages to keep beer fresh and cold and serve it out of a tap, just as if you were getting it fresh from the bar. It’s a revolutionary development in the world of drinking, and it deserves far more publicity.

This is just a short list of some of the great creative changes going on in the beer world outside of the development of beer itself. With so many creative minds working on this process, it may not lead to the reinvention of the wheel, but it could lead to something just as interesting: the reinvention of drinking beer.

Why Motorcyclists are Vulnerable to Road Accidents

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When you think about road accidents, the first victims that come into your mind are car drivers and passengers. But they are not the only ones who are vulnerable. It can even be argued that motorcyclists are more vulnerable to road accidents compared to other people on the road.

According to the website of Mazin & Associates, PC, those who have been involved in motorcycle accidents may have legal options, especially if the accidents have been triggered by negligent or reckless third parties. But why are motorcyclists so protected by the law? This is because the law makers clearly know the dangers of being a motorcyclist.

Limited protection

Road accidents may happen because of many reasons, such as driver error, mechanical defect, road defect, or even dangerous weather. When an accident does happen, motorcyclists are more prone to injuries because of their limited protections. They only have helmets, jackets, elbow and knee pads, and boots.

This is sad when compared to the protections available for car drivers and passengers. They have airbags, seatbelts, and entire metal frameworks that can protect them from significant impact. Motorcyclists, on the other hand, are likely to absorb majority of the force.

Limited traction

A necessary requirement for motorcyclists is knowledge of balancing themselves. Motorcycles only have two wheels, so their operators are responsible in keeping them balanced. You cannot say the same thing for cars, because they have a wheel on each corner.

Aside from this, motorcycle tires are also a lot smaller and thinner compared to vehicle tires, so they are more vulnerable to debris and other hazards on the road that can make them crash, such as rocks, sand, and even innocent piles of leaves.

Limited visibility

Motorcycles are also smaller to cars, so they may be harder to see on the road. Because of their size, they also have limited lights on their disposal, so they may be even harder to see on poorly lit areas. There is a reason why small transportation users, like bicyclists, prefer using reflective clothing. This is to at least enhance their visibility to other drivers.

It doesn’t help that motorcyclists can also weave through traffic, giving them a chance to be on the blind spots of others.

Rollover Car Accidents

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Car accidents can happen in many ways, such as head-on collisions, sideswipes, and T-bone accidents. But one of the most dangerous way is rolling over. The worst rollover accidents occur because of the negligence or recklessness of another party. According to the website of the auto accident lawyers of Evans Moore, LLC, there are legal actions you can pursue against these cases.

Common causes of rollovers

Driver Error: The most obvious cause of any kind of car accident is driver error. In the case of rollovers, reckless behaviors such as speeding have the capability to reduce the driver’s control of the vehicle. The vehicle may veer off the road, crash into the embankment, and rollover. The vehicle may also lose traction during a turning maneuver and cause a rollover accident.

Road Condition: The condition of the road should also be taken into consideration. Roads with abrupt curves, dangerous elevations, and weak traction with tires can also trigger rollover accidents. Drivers may not be able to fully turn on abrupt curves and crash, or they may turn too forcefully and cause their vehicles to rollover. Dangerous elevations, such as roads in mountainous areas, put vehicles at risk of falling and rolling over, especially the roads with minimal barriers. Roads with weak traction can limit the ability of tires to stay on the pavement and cause a rollover as well.

Weather Condition: One of the most overlooked factors in rollover accidents is the weather condition. Elements, such as ice, snow, and rain, can make the roads more slippery and prone to rollovers. Conditions such as fogs can affect visibility, which may result into collisions and crashes. Winds can also pose a danger, as they can knock down trees and potentially trigger a chain reaction accident.

Vehicle Type: Any vehicle can rollover, but some types of vehicles rollover more than others. Taller and narrow vehicles, such as sports utility vehicles and trucks, are more prone to rolling over because of their higher centers of gravity.

Why You Should Entrust Finding and Fixing Slab Leaks to Professional Plumbers

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Plumbing leaks are not only pesky; these can also be destructive. When water leaks under the foundation of your home or inside it, this can cost you hundreds of dollars in cost of repair or replacement of your flooring, carpet, some furniture, and maybe even medication if the leak goes undetected for a while and causes growth of mold or mildew throughout your home.

Plumbing leakage that occurs under the concrete foundation of your house is referred to by professional plumbers and insurance companies as slab leak (a leak above the floor, on the other hand, is known as pinhole leak).

It is often quite difficult to realize that there is a leak either in your pool or plumbing system. While a leak in your pool may become apparent if you are adding more water every week, that is more water than what you usually lose through evaporation, a plumbing leak can be manifested by a sudden spike in your water bill; if the leak is in a hot water pipe, though, then you will also feel the sting of a sticker shock in your electric bill.

Besides high water bills, symptoms of a slab leak also include:

  • The sound of running water when all water is turned off;
  • A hot spot on the floor which could indicate a hot water line leak;
  • Cracks in walls or floors due to a slab leak; and,
  • Mildew or excessive moisture under carpets.

While it can be tempting to go and fix a leak by yourself, allowing professional plumbers do the work is a much wiser decision. If the problem is a slab leak, then this will require a careful process and technical expertise.

Besides being trained for the job, professional plumbers also have the necessary devices, such as an electronic amplification equipment and an electromagnetic pipeline locator that will enable them to find the actual source of the leak and make the necessary repair with the least disruption to your property. Aside from saving you time and money, you also need not worry about where to get the needed cash to pay your hired expert plumbers. Well, the good news, except for the cost of the plumbing repair, insurance providers usually cover the cost of the leak detection service, line access and isolation, and dry out and restoration of your property to the condition before the leak occurred.